Oh, my God, Judy! I'm beside myself; I'm so excited! They arrived! The pillows are beautiful beyond words. The material alone is gorgeous!   “Send a photo to Judy and watch the magic happen! I recently sent two photos for five pillows to be artistically transformed by the talents of Judy Stadt! Her creativity is endless! I'm presenting three of the pillows to friends tonight. The other two are mine! Thank you, Judy, for sharing your talents ..... all of them!”  

Marge Carlock Redling JUST JAMMIN'


Thank you Judy Stadt for the birthday pillow of my husband.  The drawing you did of him was perfect. Everyone that sees it knows right away who it is. You are great at capturing the essence of the subject. The Jasper pillow of my true love, my dog, also made me happy as well as did Jasper. I was lucky to have found you and your fabulous pillows. Thanks again. 

Felicia Grippo


I have just traveled halfway across the country from New York to my new home in Knoxville and my prized possession is the beautiful pillow which now adorns my place!  Of course my dog Chance is an important part of my family and his image is celebrated in the beautiful pillow Judy created which so captures this beloved animal's spirit!  Everyone who comes over marvels at the beauty of this "soft art"... thank you Judy! 

Linda Fitzpatrick Chief Worker Bee, Work That Satisfies